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Terms and Conditions:
  • Advance reservation can be made minimum 48 hours and maximum 30 days in advance. (E.g. Fill out your particulars on Friday, 10am to make an appointment on Sunday, 10am for the earliest slot)
  • A booking confirmation will be sent to you via email/call within 24 hours upon your submission, therefore kindly ensure details provided above are accurate and valid.
  • The date, time and/or massage therapy that you have selected are subject to availability, and we will advise on the next available slot accordingly.
  • For booking verification or to check for slot availability on the day itself, please call the respective outlet directly. Click here to find each outlet’s contact number.
  • Additional request is subject to availability of the preferred room, therapist, etc. It is advisable to inform us of your health conditions, such as allergies, injury, pain, or illness that could affect your treatment, in order for our therapist to provide the appropriate care, and Thai Odyssey will not be held responsible for any information which is not provided to us at the time of service.