About Thai Odyssey

Inspired by Thailand’s rich cultural heritage, THAI ODYSSEY invites you to experience the tranquillity of Thai ambience and embrace the warmth of Thai hospitality by offering a calm and peaceful sanctuary and a curated range of treatments for your wellness and pampering needs.

Since 2004, we have grown to be Malaysia’s largest and award-winning Thai massage and spa chain with over 40 outlets situated in the heart of the major cities, and still growing, as well as hundreds of highly attentive therapists with years of experience, dedicated to restoring your overall health with our treatments that alleviate soreness, stress, fatigue and tiredness, which in turn, uplifts the physical and mental wellbeing, enhances relaxation and boosts immunity.

THAI ODYSSEY uses a range of responsibly sourced spa products that brings health benefits and hydrates the skin, where most of them are also available for online and in-store purchase, to be added to your personal care regime.

Our Spa Etiquette ข้อปฎิบัติของสปา

To get the most out of your prefect spa day, do keep these etiquettes in mind.


We recommend guests to place an advanced reservation to ensure your preferred time and service are available.

Rescheduling or Cancellation

Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we seek your kind cooperation to give us at least 4 hours in advance notice.

Surcharge For Early Cancellation

A surcharge of RM25 will be imposed for guests who do not wish to continue with the treatment after foot wash.

Massage Attire

For hygiene reasons, we provide massage attire and slippers for you to change into.

Avoid Heavy Meal

Massage is best enjoyed before a meal or when food is fully digested without a bloated stomach.

Arrive Early

Arrive 10 mins prior to your appointment to allow yourself to settle down, have some tea and get into a mindful state for your treatment.

Enjoy the Silence

Be mindful of other people and speak quietly. Turn off or silence your mobile phone at all times.

Storing Valuables

Please store your valuables safely in the locker.

Health Matters

If you have any specific illness, allergies or injuries, do inform us before the treatment, as our therapist will make adjustments accordingly.

Tip As You Wish

If you would like to show your appreciation for the exceptional service, gratuities may be given at your discretion after the treatment.

Age Restriction

Anyone with a minimum age of 16 is welcome at our spa centres.

Treatment Prices

Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), and subject to 8% SST.

Other Restrictions

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. If you had alcohol a day before the treatment, do drink more water to flush out toxins from your body.

Bodycare & Skincare Products

To continue your self-pampering session at home, most products used in the treatments are available for purchase at the spa reception.

Accidents & Injuries

THAI ODYSSEY shall not be liable for any accidents or injuries suffered by guests during their visit.